How to find Landlords?

Some people find the convenience of renting with a private landlord easier than dealing with agents and real estate companies to avoid costly fees that average between £220 to £500 alone. This article will walk you through the best practices on how to find landlords directly for a potential property rental you're eyeing to. There are a few benefits on renters' end when they choose to deal with landlords for a property rental as it doesn't include a credit check on their application method.


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The property industry continues to grow as the surge in demand for rentals grows from the previous years. In 2016, the private rented industry was 5.4 million renting households. This number has already emerged with the growing demand and updated housing policies since the 1980s with the housing shortage regarding stock availability


With private landlords filling this gap helped the crisis with property management in the past 25 years. With the personal property being available for rent, more options for better standards came to offering properties. However, since this option is not widely advertised by letting agencies, checking for a great option is not easier unless you know the ins and out of the process. 

find a landlords

Social Media


Using various social media platforms allows you to find the right space for your needs, budget, and location. You can join multiple community groups that offer their private property for rentals. It's an excellent and reliable option that meets your requirements and checks potential landlords simultaneously. 


When a property is available for listing, most private landlords post them online on various groups. However, it's best not to provide upfront payment as a precaution without personally viewing the listing for security. Scammers are always on the lurk for their next victim, so you have to be wiser with your move. 




With technology and innovation, taking advantage of the World Wide Web is one of the best ways to check for a landlord. There are a myriad of websites that provide listings of the available property and landlord's details if you want to reach out or inquire about a free space for rental. 


Regardless of the convenience that online offers when searching for the ideal listing for your preference, you need to be mindful of potential fraudsters posting unverified listings. The fraud is increasing, which is taking advantage of the current property demand with limited supply. Make sure that the property listing is reliable and legitimate. 


Check the website's legitimacy to ensure you'll be dealing with the right people. With this, you'll know that all listings posted are verified to ensure your tenancy and money is safe and your privacy is protected.

Word of Mouth


Sometimes, the best way to find the perfect listing or property is by word of mouth. A friend's recommendations and potential insight of a rental property listing you are searching for can affect your decision to some degree. Insights from colleagues, family, friends, or if you asked for recommendations on various social media platforms allow you to be in the right place that you might never find on multiple groups, websites, or listings posted anywhere. 


Asking recommendations from your network circle of friends enables you to create a portal for people who may in dire need of someone who can rent their property or spare room. 

Local Council


Each council comes with a private page on a website that provides a practical guide or helps residents searching for local private housing or property rental. Most of these property rentals come with specific policies over DDS or other benefits. Most local councils provide tips on:


  • How to start searching for a rental property?

  • How the process should be?

  • How to find a home in the area?

  • How to control interview procedure and negotiation of rental fees from the deposit or advance payment?

Local Newspaper


Checking classified ads is another popular option for private landlords to offer their property for rental. You can check magazines and local newspapers for a potential available space that might fit your current needs. While it may seem old-fashioned, several landlords still used this technique when posting their listings to potential tenants.

Your University


For most students searching for property listing to fit their budget, the best way to find one is to check with your university. You'll even have peace of mind knowing that the accommodation will perfectly meet your university's standard, which is highly beneficial on your end. 


Most property rental listings from your university have been verified and reputable private landlords worldwide. One of the advantages of checking one, especially if you're a student, is a student previously rented the listings. If there had been issues with the listing, universities might have removed it from its recommendations in the first place. 

Community Notification Boards and Shop Windows


Community notification boards are frequently overlooked when checking for an available property rental, but it's worth checking too. While it may be an old tactic, most private landlords put advertisements on shop windows or community notice boards for their property by including a few ways to reach you out for queries.

There are several reasons why most people decide to check and rent property from private landlords instead of going directly to agencies and companies. Some of these include saving pricey admin fees, which you'll never have to pay when you get a property directly from a private owner.


There won't be dead listings as you will have first-hand access to view how legitimate the property for rental is. Frequently, private landlords are transparent and safer, with no hidden charges. 



With many ways to find landlords that offer the right listing based on your preference and needs, you'll have peace of mind knowing your space is protected and meets your requirements or needs. While there are different ways to find the right rental property for you, it's always your responsibility to ensure you won't be a victim of fraudulent scams on the rise, taking advantage of everyone in desperate need of a space to stay in. 

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