What Is the Approval Process for an Apartment?

Searching for a flat that has everything you want and needs is a challenge that home-hunters face. Sometimes, you’ll find a flat of the perfect shape and has all the features you want, but its location is not ideal for your lifestyle. Sometimes the price can be a little intimidating too especially if you have a limited income stream. Thus, once you found the flat that ticks off all the essential points in your checklist, you have to be ready and prepared for the approval process for a flat.


Before you can move into your dream flat, there are some application processes that you have to go through and make sure to get approval. Some people think that it is just a simple process, however, many home-hunters still find themselves losing their dream flat because they did not get approved for it. Application for a flat may seem like a roller-coaster ride, but there are some steps that can help you take a smooth path towards your very own abode. 


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How to Get Approval?

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If you think that applying for a flat is as easy as filling out a form, paying the application fee and waiting for approval - then you got it all wrong. Many people experience unpredictable processes when filing for a flat. Here are some tips to help improve your chances of getting approved. 


Familiarize Yourself With the Neighbourhood

If you are interested in moving into a certain location, you must do a little research about the neighbourhood and the flat you are interested in before approaching the landlord. Doing this will indicate your resolve to live in the area. You will also impress your landlord about your understanding of the community where you will live. 


Understand Various Lease Types

Ideally, you should visit your ideal flat at various times of the day. It will give you a well-rounded impression of the unit you want to live in. More so, make sure to understand the various types of leases and choose the one which you are most comfortable to have. 


Check Your Credit

You should also check your credit scores by getting a copy of your credit report before applying for a flat. It will give you an opportunity to address any issues that might unexpectedly turn up during the process.  It is best to deal with these issues before your application so that it will not halt or affect your dreams of getting a flat. 


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Make Financial Arrangements

Before you start with the application process for a flat, make financial arrangements. You should include the application fee, the first and last month of rent, potential repairs, furniture and others. Knowing your financial status will help you arrive at a decision that is within your means. You will also be more confident discussing with your landlord about the rent, fees and other expenses. The landlord can also ask for an apartment guarantor.


Prepare Your References

Preparing a list of your references must be done even before you start the application process. The landlord will surely ask for personal and professional references when you apply for a flat. And don’t forget to send some thank you notes as a form of appreciation to your references. 


Why is there a Need for A Screening and Application Process for Flats?

The application and approval process for flats is like implementing due diligence benefits for everyone. Many landlords have bad experiences getting stiffed on rents and tenants don’t like having lousy neighbours around. Deadbeat tenants normally find themselves getting evicted with the help of police officers. Thus, to avoid these embarrassing situations and protect prospective tenants and landlords, there is a need to screen and process an application and approval for flats. The screening typically includes the following:


Financial Capability

Potential renters need to prove that they can afford to pay rent now and for the duration of your contract. You have to present your proof of income or employment if you are working. More so, landlords will also browse through your credit history to check your scores. 


Criminal Records

Landlords will conduct background checks to see if you have any criminal convictions or a prior arrest on record. It is also important to see if there are standing warrants against a tenant. A clean record will clear you as a potential risk to the safety and security of the neighbourhood, other renters and the landlord. 


Prior Evictions

If you have been previously evicted from a flat or any place you rented, the records normally stay for up to seven years. It will also be one of the considerations landlords use to decide whether to approve or disapprove your application for a flat. 


These are basically the things that landlords need to pull out when you apply to rent out a flat. Although it seemed a bit tedious, it is the best course for everyone. Your prospective landlord needs some proof that you are a law-abiding and hard-working employee. The application process will serve as their security for your capacity for rentals. And your rent will be used for his or her obligations on the upkeep of the flats and others. 


Collecting all these data is not that easy and some of it might take time before it is completed. The fees you pay for the rental application process is used to draw up all the records needed to be reviewed by your potential landlord. Thus, the process may take some time and it is sometimes longer than what you expect.



Finding the perfect flat for your needs is like a dream come true for many. You find a home in the neighbourhood close to your work and the children’s school so you are so eager to move in. It also sounds so easy and quick, but the approval process for the rental application can be a complicated and lengthy process. Make sure to prepare the things you need like your credit records, references and proof of income or work. Keep in mind that all these steps will be beneficial for your safety, security and peaceful living in the long run.