How Long Does It Take to Buy a House


Buying a property is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Once you decide that you are going to invest in a property, you want to be done with it as soon as possible. But it is easier said than done. Many first-time buyers will wonder, how long does it take to buy a house? How soon can we really move in? What are the processes involved when you buy a house? 

When you buy a home, completing all the process can take anywhere from three to six months. This timeline may vary widely depending on various factors involved. It is a broad estimate and it can be shorter or even longer than this range. The variable that you have to consider may include the time you search for the perfect home, the purchase timeline and contract exchange, and others. Let’s take a closer look at the phases that you have to go through before you can finally move into your newly acquired property.


Finding the Perfect Home

The first step in buying a home is trying to find the perfect property for your needs. This phase typically affects most of your time frame. It may or may not be included in the whole house buying process, though it is also a vital step to take. But it is also tough to give an estimate on how long this stage can go on. Some people are lucky enough to find their ideal home on the very first visit with the local agents or at some online real estate portal. However, there are others who take a whole lot longer to find the perfect home. 

The challenge in finding a property often lies in where you are planning to move. Typically, a location with more available properties will provide seekers with plenty of options. Compared with looking at rural areas with fewer properties listed on the market, it will take a longer time to find your ideal home. 


Applying for A Mortgage

The application and obtaining a mortgage is the proper starting period to see how long it really takes to buy a house. Agreeing to a mortgage offer by a financial institution often takes a little while to complete. Sometimes it can be arranged within 24 hours.  But of course, the full mortgage will take way longer to complete.  

In obtaining a mortgage, make sure to prepare all the required documents so that you are ready to hand them to the lender when you apply. There are various mortgage application guides that can help you with the preparatory works and the required documents that lenders often ask for when you apply. This process normally takes around three to six weeks. 


Sorting Out Things with The Solicitor

It is vital to have the assistance of a reputable solicitor when buying a home. They are the ones you can rely on in the conveyancing process. Although you can do this as the buyer, it is wiser to engage the services of a professional when it comes to the complex task of conveyancing. 

You can find potential firms to help you with this phase when you use the internet for your search. However, it is ideal to ask for recommendations from people you know or those who have used their services before you get their services. Your local real estate agent may also help you find solicitors that will help you best. The time frame for this period in buying a home may take two to three months. 


Implementing A Survey of the Property

Technically, anyone can buy a house or a property without the need for a survey. However, it is a reckless move to take. Getting a surveyor for your newly purchased property, might only be an additional expense, but the financial implications of making a mistake with this can be a significant problem in the future. The timeline can vary depending on the surveyor and the work that needs to be done. The survey report can be presented to your solicitor for further inspection. This phase can take two to three weeks. 


Exchanging Contracts

After all the necessary processes are accomplished, it will be up to the buyer and the seller’s solicitors to facilitate swap or exchange documentation and establish an agreement. The exchange contract process in buying a house can take around two to four weeks to complete. Everything in this phase depends on the circumstances of the buyer and seller as well as the agreement that they come into in the exchange process. 


Completion and Moving In

The moving day is the most exciting part of buying a house. It is the day that your dreams become a reality. For first-time buyers, the moving in day is the finality of the house buying process. 

After going through the various phases, paying all the fees, you are now allowed to pick up the keys from your agent and start living your life in your new home. Make sure to arrange for transporting your things and prepare the essentials for the first few days of your stay. Completion of this phase may be complete within 24 hours depending on where you previously lived. 



There are various variables that can affect the length of time to process and complete house buying. The time scale can affect the expectations of both the buyers and the sellers. Sometimes, the choice of agent also says a lot about the length of time a property will be sold. Likewise, buyers should focus their time scale on the conveyancing and surveys that need to be completed. Having a reputable solicitor will help push through the process quicker. Ideally, you should manage your expectations on these timeframes when looking for a house to buy. 

If it is your first time, make your research on the requirements for mortgage applications so that you can prepare it long before you apply. Once you have found your ideal house to buy, it is easy to obtain a mortgage and avoid any issues you might have with the financing.