Difference Between Freehold and Leasehold

When purchasing a property, apart from many other factors that you need to look out for, you also need to check what type of property you are buying. Is it a leasehold or a freehold property? Then get a bit of knowledge about what these are, so you would have an idea on what you are getting.  Read more

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How Long Does It Take To Exchange Contracts

Buying a property involves a lot of legalities that both buyer and seller must comply with. One of these is referred to as the “Exchange Contracts.” When you make an offer for a property you want to buy, and it is accepted by the seller, there are documentations and steps to complete before the property is transferred to you.  Read more

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How Much Deposit Do I Need For a House

As a home buyer for the first time, how much do you need to save for a deposit? Typically, lenders would agree to a deposit of 5% of the property value, but given this time of pandemic, most of them would only accept a minimum of 10%. Read more

24/02/2021 renting

How to Buy a House UK First Time

Purchasing a home can be a challenging process, most especially if you are a first time buyer. This process can both be incredibly scary but at the same time exciting. Good news is that there are some guides to assist you in buying your first home. Read more

24/02/2021 buying

Is Shared Ownership a Good Idea?

If you plan to buy a house but are finding it extremely difficult to come up with the deposit needed to purchase one, there is another option that may be more accessible and affordable for you. This scheme is known as Shared Ownership and like anything else, it has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. Read more

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Moving House Tips

Before you can be really excited about your new home, there is one tedious step that you need to deal with first and this is the process of moving houses. If no careful preparation and planning are done beforehand, it can definitely be very stressful. But when done properly, it can be one that is stress free and not very daunting as you first thought it to be. Read more

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What Does Let Agreed Mean?

Are you on the lookout for a property to live or establish your business? When looking around for a property, be it a home, an office space, or a store, you have to sign the appropriate documents so that you can officially move in. And when you do not wholly purchase the property, then you are bound to rent it.  Read more

24/02/2021 renting

10 Questions to Ask When Buying a Flat

Buying a property is a decision that requires a lot of thought and considerations. Many first time buyers are caught up in a rollercoaster ride without studying the process and doing proper research.  Read more

08/12/2020 buying

10 Questions to Ask When Buying a House

Asking the right questions when purchasing a property is crucial for every first time home buyer. It is one of the most important decisions and financial commitments that a person has to make in his lifetime. For many, buying a house also involves big emotions, especially if it is the first home. But although it is exciting to close the deal and start living in the house of your dreams, you should first ensure that each decision you make is the right one for you and your situation. Read more

08/12/2020 buying

Buying a Second Property in the UK?

After having your first property for quite some time, you might already be thinking of getting another one. Read more

08/12/2020 buying

Can The Landlord Raise The Rent After The Lease Signing?

Landlords or property management are into the business of turning a property into a profit when they allow renters on their available space. Several jurisdictions have policies and control over prices when it comes to rent for specific buildings. From the agreement type to where you plan to live, these two factors affect how much a landlord can raise their rental fee.  Read more

08/12/2020 renting

Condo vs. House: What You Should Know

Every housing option comes with advantages and disadvantages. Condo-living might have a lot of perks, but it is not for everyone. Thus, whether you choose between Condo vs. House, it comes down to your preferences and lifestyle.  Read more

08/12/2020 buying

How Long Does it Take to Buy a House?

Buying a house for the first time may seem daunting, and it is only natural for a first time home buyer to ask how long does it take to buy a house in the UK? Read more

08/12/2020 buying

How Much Deposit Do I Need for a House?

If you are looking to buy a house in the UK, there are some things that you need to ask yourself so you will have a guide in your search. Read more

08/12/2020 buying

How to Find Houses that Need Renovation?

Finding a property does not always need to be move in ready, but rather you may also find a gem in those that need some work. Read more

08/12/2020 buying

How to find Landlords?

Some people find the convenience of renting with a private landlord easier than dealing with agents and real estate companies to avoid costly fees that average between £220 to £500 alone. This article will walk you through the best practices on how to find landlords directly for a potential property rental you're eyeing to. There are a few benefits on renters' end when they choose to deal with landlords for a property rental as it doesn't include a credit check on their application method. Read more

08/12/2020 renting

Renting Vs. Buying A Home: Which Is Right For You?

Buying a home is one of the significant decisions that a person can make in his lifetime. Some homebuyers wonder if their decision to buy a home is the right one since it is normal for anyone to change their mind even after many years. There are advantages in purchasing a home, but some also consider its disadvantages, especially if it does not suit their lifestyle. Depending on your preferences, owning a home or renting will be the better choice for you. Take a look at your situation first and read on as we discuss the good and bad things about renting versus buying a home. Read more

08/12/2020 Main

The Cost of Buying A House: How Much Money Do I Need to Buy A House?

One of the first things that catch your eyes when looking for a house to buy is the listed price of the property.  Read more

08/12/2020 buying

Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

Buying a home is one of the most significant decisions a person will deal with within his lifetime. Considering the amount involved in this endeavour, first-time home buyers also have a huge responsibility. Many are left wondering how to buy a house for the first time and have a great experience out of it. Read more

08/12/2020 buying

What Credit Score Do I Need to Rent an Apartment?

Have you found your dream flat? It is an exciting experience to finally find a flat that ticks off everything you want and need. However, new flat applicants often find themselves at a loss to know that there is a required credit score required to rent a flat. It is foremost a business deal that you need to close with your landlord. Thus, you should expect that there will be a process where you will come in as a great fit to be a tenant. Read more

08/12/2020 renting

What Is an Apartment Guarantor?

Finding the right place to stay is easy when you have presented all the legal documents needed to get approved on your rental journey. In case you missed a few spots, your future landlord or flat management might request a guarantor for approval. So what is a guarantor? Read more

08/12/2020 renting

What Is the Approval Process for an Apartment?

Searching for a flat that has everything you want and needs is a challenge that home-hunters face. Sometimes, you’ll find a flat of the perfect shape and has all the features you want, but its location is not ideal for your lifestyle. Sometimes the price can be a little intimidating too especially if you have a limited income stream. Thus, once you found the flat that ticks off all the essential points in your checklist, you have to be ready and prepared for the approval process for a flat. Read more

08/12/2020 renting

What Is The Average Rent Prices in UK?

London is ranked 10th among the expensive cities if you plan to reside in Europe. The average rent prices UK for a property across the city are about £880 per month, with a 2.6% annual increase. Perhaps the highest increase rate that we have seen in the past three years.  Read more

08/12/2020 renting

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